Fast Facts – Glacier Investor Relations

Fast Facts – Glacier Investor Relations


  • Weak economic conditions in western Canada resulted in revenue challenges, particularly in energy and agriculture. These challenges were compounded by ongoing structural changes in community media.

  • Offsetting these challenges was solid growth in key products and sectors: ERIS in environmental services; Fundata in financial information and in real estate. In particular, ERIS’s United States launch initiated in 2014 and ramped up in 2015 continues to produce substantial growth.

  • A wide variety of revenue and cost-reduction initiatives have been implemented to improve profitability.

  • In the first six months of 2015, Glacier made substantial progress toward improving its balance sheet and narrowing its operating spectrum to the core areas of agriculture, energy, mining and environmental, financial and real estate information. In 2014, this group generated $93.3 million of adjusted revenues and $27.8 million of adjusted EBITDA for a 30% percent margin. Earlier in 2015, Glacier divested non-core trade periodical assets for an attractive multiple.

  • Through its transformation efforts, Glacier is focused on two key business pillars: 1) content and marketing solutions and 2) data, analytics and intelligence.