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Glacier Media functions at the intersection of people, technology, content, and connection. Since 1997, we’ve consistently expanded a diverse range of media and business-intelligence ventures; they are now recognized as one of the leading portfolios of their kind in Canada and we are building on this. Our brands effectively engage with countless customers and consumers every day, spanning across industries, markets, and geographies.

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Diversified Media & Business Intelligence Brands

We are building one of Canada’s premier media and business intelligence portfolio companies. Central to our strategy is cultivating portfolio companies that operate as market leaders. Our focus has always been on long-term value creation, extending to both customers and stakeholders.

Each day, we reach thousands through our products and services, spanning Environmental Risk & Compliance, Real Estate Tech, Agriculture, Mining & Metals, and the vibrant local engagement of Community Media & Digital Services.

Headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, our companies span North America including operations in Winnipeg, MB, Saskatoon, SK, Toronto, ON, Montreal, QC, Spokane, WA, and Austin, TX.


Who We Are

We are a people-driven, tech-enabled, diversified business intelligence and media portfolio company.

Glacier Media connects people, businesses, and ideas across communities and industries. We are a diversified portfolio company, headquartered in beautiful Vancouver, Canada. Our entrepreneurial spirit drives value creation and meaningful careers in Environmental Risk and Compliance, Real Estate Tech, Agriculture, Mining & Metals, and Community Media and Digital Services.

Thousands of professionals trust our business intelligence and analytics products, enabling confident decision-making, professional growth, and informed actions. Our community media reach collectively surpasses all other digital news outlets in Western Canada.

As investor-builders, we emphasize long-term value for customers and stakeholders. Our portfolio businesses and brands lead in their markets. We show up every day, and our businesses contribute back to the communities in which we operate.

We seek out individuals who are ready to excel, want to enhance their professional experience and contribute to lasting ventures. Join us in shaping the future.

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Our Companies

A diversified business portfolio with operating assets and investments spanning Environmental Risk & Compliance, Real Estate Tech, Agriculture, Mining & Metals, and Community Media & Digital Services.
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Our Companies

Explore our portfolio businesses operating across different industries, geographies, and sectors, reaching thousands of professionals and consumers every day.

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